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sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2015

Eight Ball Ny Hits

Genre/Style: Eletronic/House
Year: 1995
Label: Eight Ball/Top Tape


01. The Mack Vibe feat. Jacqueline - I Can't Let You Go (Jersey Garage Mix)
02. Joi Cardwell - Trouble (Upside Radio Mix)
03. 250lbs feat. Elizabeth Mordaunt - Rejoice (Vocal Mix)
04. Robert Aaron feat. Michou - Loving You In Heaven (Jazzy's Vocal Mix)
05. Lectroluv feat. Alvaughn Jackson - Struck By Luv (Dreamy Mix)
06. Screamin' Rachael - The Real Thing- Ode To Prince Teddy (In Your Face Club Mix)
07. Lectroluv Remix Project - Dream Drums (All Over Sound Factory Mix)
08. Wave - Enjoy Life (Surreal Mix)
09. Wall of Sound - Critical (Balo's Radio Edit)
10. The Girl - Fired Up (Louie Balo Radio Edit)

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