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segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

Odyssey - Move Your Body

Genre/Style: Eletronic/Dance
Year: 1994
Label: Metronome


01. Move Your Body (Hard One Mix)
02. Move Your Body (Clap Mix)
03. Move Your Body (M.Y.B. Club Mix)
04. Move Your Body (Cotton Mix)

Debra Michaels - Don't You Wanna Fly

Genre/Style: Eletronic/Pop/Dance
Year: 1998
Label: Robbins/BMG


01. Don't You Wanna Fly (1:00 AM Mix Radio Version)
02. Don't You Wanna Fly (Cosgrove/Clark Mix)
03. Don't You Wanna Fly (3:00 AM Mix Radio Version)
04. Don't You Wanna Fly (5:00 AM Mix Radio Version)
05. Don't You Wanna Fly (1:00 AM Mix Club Version)
06. Don't You Wanna Fly (3:00 AM Mix Club Version)
07. Don't You Wanna Fly (5:00 AM Mix Club Version)
08. Don't You Wanna Fly (Acappella)

domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation

Genre/Style: Eletronic/Pop/Dance
Year: 2002
Label: RCA/BMG


01. A Little Less Conversation (Radio Edit Remix)
02. A Little Less Conversation (12'' Extended Remix)
03. A Little Less Conversation

Lou Bega - Mambo Nº 5

Genre/Style: Dance/Pop/Male Vocal
Year: 1999
Label: Lautstark/RCA/BMG


01. Mambo No. 5 (Radio Edit)
02. Mambo No. 5 (Extended Mix)
03. Mambo (Havanna Club Mix)
04. Mambo (The Trumpet)

Alejandro Sanz - Más

Genre/Style: Pop/Latin/Male Vocal
Year: 1998
Label: WEA


01. Y, Si Fuera Ella?
02. Ese Último Momento
03. Corazón Partío
04. Siempre Es De Noche
05. La Margarita Dijo No
06. Hoy Que No Estas
07. Un Charquito De Estrellas
08. Amiga Mia
09. Si Hay Dios...
10. Aquello Que Me Diste
11. Corazon Partio (Radio German Mix)
12. Corazon Partio (Extended German Mix)

Creed - The Best

Genre/Style: Rock/Pop/Duo or Group
Year: 2002
Label: Sunshine Records


01. My Sacrifice
02. Higher
03. With Arms Wide Open
04. Faceless Man
05. Inside Us All
06. One Last Breath
07. Hide
08. Don't Stop Dancing
09. Lullaby
10. Stand Here With Me
11. Weathered
12. Torn
13. My Own Prison
14. What's This Life For
15. Pity For A Dime
16. Are You Ready?

Pigeonhed - Pigeonhed's Flash Bulb Emergency Overflow Cavalcade Of Remixes

Genre/Style: Eletronic/Ambient/Trip Hop/Techno
Year: 1997
Label: SubPop


01. The Full Sentence (Fisk-Goodmanson Seismic Consumer Remix)
02. Phunpurephun (Technical Itch Remix)
03. Glory Bound (Red Snapper Edit Mix)
04. Battle Flag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix)
05. Marry Me (Fisk-Goomanson Prenuptial Trash Heap Remix)
06. It's Like The Man Said (Highlanders Syn-Ful Remix)
07. Keep On Keepin' On (Ultra Living Mix)
08. Marry Me (Dave Ruffy Blissed Out Ambient Mix)
09. The Full Sentence (Substate Remix)
10. Marry Me (Dave Ruffy Blissed Out Ambient Mix) (Reprise)

Best Dance '97

Genre/Style: Eletronic/Dance
Year: 1997
Label: EMI


01. Robbie Williams - Freedom (Arthur Baker Mix)
02. Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (The 5Th Dimension)
03. Pet Shop Boys - Se A Vida E (Deep Dish Liquid Mix)
04. Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There (Junior's Main Pass)
05. George Michael - Fastlove (Forthright Edit)
06. White Town - Your Woman (The Fights 2000 Mix)
07. Maxi Priest featuring Shaggy - That Girl (Morales Club Mix)
08. Louise - Naked (Garden Of Eden Mix)
09. Reel 2 Real - Are You Ready For Some More? (TNT Frozen Mix)
10. The Shamen - Move Any Mountain '96 (Tomka Mix)
11. Audio Deluxe - 60 Seconds (Dream Mix)
12. Happy People - Let's All Chant (Club Mix)
13. Faithless - Salva Mea (Voodoo Mix)
14. Amen! - Passion (Original Wand Mix)
15. Vanessa-Mae - Classical Gas (Stradosphere Mix)
16. Fool's Garden with Garden Eden - Lemon Tree (Club Mix)

sábado, 7 de maio de 2016

Neneh Cherry - Remixes

Genre/Style: R&B/Ambient/Dance/Female Vocal
Year: 1997
Label: Circa/EMI


01. Kootchi (Air Remix)
02. Beastiality (Christophe Monier Remix)
03. Carry Me (Emmanuel Top Remix)
04. Everything (Sulee B Mix)
05. Feel It (Sub Vision Remix)
06. Feel It (Doctor L. Remix)
07. Woman (La Funk Mob Remix)

Real McCoy - Sleeping With An Angel/Ooh Boy

Genre/Style: Eletronic/Dance/Duo or Group
Year: 1995
Label: Hansa/Arista/BMG


01. Sleeping With An Angel
02. Ooh Boy (Album Version)
03. Ooh Boy (Uno Clio Remix)

Andrea Corr - Ten Feet High

Genre/Style: Pop/Female Vocal
Year: 2007
Label: Atlantic/Warner


01. Hello Boys
02. Anybody There
03. Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me)
04. I Do
05. Ten Feet High
06. Champagne From A Straw
07. 24 Hours
08. This Is What It's All About
09. Take Me I'm Yours
10. Stupidest Girl In The World
11. Ideal World
12. Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me) (Radio Mix)

Daniela Mercury - Swing Tropical

Genre/Style: Pop/Brazilian/Samba/Female Vocal
Year: 1999
Label: Globo/Columbia


01. O Canto Da Cidade
02. Nobre Vagabundo
03. O Reggae E O Mar
04. Só Pra Te Mostrar (participação Herbert Vianna)
05. Minas Com Bahia (participação Samuel Rosa)
06. Você Não Entende Nada
07. Rapunzel
08. Swing Da Cor
09. Rede
10. Batuque (Tá No Batuque)
11. O Mais Belo Dos Belos (A Verdade do Ilê)/O Charme da Liberdade
12. À Primeira Vista
13. Musica De Rua
14. Pais Tropical (Brasil)

quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2016

Cabaret Voltaire - Remixed

Genre/Style: Pop/Techno/Dance/Tecnopop/Duo or Group
Year: 2001
Label: EMI


01. Don't Argue (Dance)
02. Thank You America (Kevorkian Remix)
03. Here To Go (Live Drum Jackknife Mix)
04. Hypnotised (The Daniel Miller D.O.R. Mix)
05. Easy Life (Very Strange Mix)
06. Keep On (Clubbing) (Sweet Exorcist Mix)
07. Runaway (Cabaret Voltaire Remix)
08. Magic (Cabaret Voltaire Remix)
09. Searchin' (Cabaret Voltaire Remix)
10. Rescue Me (City Lights) (Cabaret Voltaire Remix)
11. Keep On (Land Of Oz Mix)
12. Easy Life (Cabaret Voltaire Remix)

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